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users of Koltsov’s functional state correctors and other products of Centre Region Company! Our services: Free call (red phone icon in the lower left corner) — our operators will call you back within a minute and give you information on any product of the Company and its application in practice; You can get advice by typing questions in a chat room (lower right corner). Even if the operator is not online, you will receive full response later. Skype consultations are held on request. 

In our online store (at the bottom of the message), you can not only order and pay for any products of the Company, but also read the detailed product description. For beginners, basic information about the Company’s products is available both as text and video at the bottom of this page. You will find the most recent and up-to-date information about the Centre Region Company’s products in the left column. Best regards, Центр Регион КФС Кольцова.рф website administration.

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To avoid confusion, brief characteristics of only basic FSC are provided for beginning users. They were named like that because, according to doctors, it only makes sense to try the FSC of other series after a few months of their use

has an antiparasite, and tonic characteristics.

emoves toxins and waste from the body

s a fat burner, normalizes the genitourinary system in women

is a fat burner, normalizes the genitourinary system in men

rehabilitative one, restores hepatic tissue, pancreas, spleen and other organs


What our happy customers say about us

Interesting information: I had a major shoulder joint bruise, could not lift my arm out to the side, after contact use of FSC 10 and 7 with five elements the next day I could lift my arm all the way and the pain has remitted. I highly recommend to use Koltsov’s plates in such cases.


I used the Success FSC. New horizons in business were opened up – the administration provided new passenger routes, I managed to take a favorable loan to buy cargo transport units.


Liver problems, nervousness, emotional over sensitivity. After I got and used the FSC No.5 and then No.1, I began to feel more calm. Liver problems are almost gone